Use the power of electronic advertising to increase your sales!

Media network

The Publius Media network and its partners join hundreds of thousands of consumers every week. Now it's easier than ever to reach your target audience. We have the package that you need.

Your screens

Regardless of your industry, you can use our digital display services. Whether you want to notify your employees, customers, suppliers, partners; information or advertising on the screens PUBLIUS Media are very effective.

Creations services

PUBLIUS Media has a team of highly creative designers. You can count on us to create your advertisements that will hang your customers. And here it is, sales increase!


- Promotion of products and services

- Building brand awareness and brand recognition.

- Social Involvement (display promotional for non-profit organizations).

- Standardization of display related toadvertisements,news and other information.

- Projecting your products withscreens in your business.


- Advertising screens can be inside or even outside the store;

- Multi-content broadcast: text, image, animation and video;

- Custom Distribution: by network, website and screen;

- Rapid deployment. Sites can be updated with new advertisings in less than 2 minutes;

- Loop diffusion of variable length;

- Content Management executed via the Internet;

- The advertising management is done at several levels: supplier, banner, and customer.


- The quality of the image is very important;

- Personalized weather (banner and region) is an attraction of this service;

- Jackpots contest are updated automatically;

- News services, regional, national, sports, events;

- Tool running of your business news (as with text).


Screens located in the cash registered or in strategic locations allow direct communication with the client. 75% of purchase decisions are made in store *. The dynamic display can guide consumer decisions. The digital display is 66% more efficient than traditional mediums display*. The digital display has a positive effect on sales of the products shown. It can enable an increase ranging between 8% and 61%, depending on the case *. The digital display can also improve customer service. It supports employees and boost sales of specific products up to 11%.


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